M.A.R.E. provides technical and scientific expertise, gained in over twenty years of experience in the fishing industry and in the marine environment, addressed to fishing and aquaculture enterprises, cooperatives, trade associations and public authorities.
M.A.R.E. also, provides advice and technical assistance, as well as a wide range of activities related to sanitation aspects, for which there is also a collaboration with MARE.A. The services that extend to the entire seafood chain, from production to marketing, range from the investigation of claims for grant and funding, to the design and construction of shellfish farming and fish farming facilities, until to the sanitation aspects, at all stages of the production path. These activities are associate to other  more related to the marine environment.


In addition to technical assistance, the cooperative carries out scientific research. The research is closely related to fisheries and marine environment sector and to the needs of productive and qualitative. The cooperative also acts as a link and interface between the producers world and the world of public research institutions (universities, CNR-ISMAR, ARPA, Ispra, Institute of Health, Marine Research Centres).

The main costumers in the research are institutional bodies (such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), regions, provinces, municipalities, public and private research institutions, associations, fishermen's cooperatives and consortia.
M.A.R.E. collaborates actively in projects for the professional training, the qualification and retraining of workers in the fishing industry and environmental disclosure. Participates, individually or in association with other institutions, in projects promoted by European Union, Ministry of Labour, Regions and Provinces.
M.A.R.E. is a member of the "Consorzio Mediterraneo", Lega Pesca's national research structure, wherewith participates in national and multidisciplinary value programs. M.A.R.E. is also a member of the European Acquacolture Society.